Home Sports EPL: Mourinho sends rigid message to Frank Lampard

EPL: Mourinho sends rigid message to Frank Lampard


EPL: Mourinho sends rigid message to Frank Lampard

Former manager of Chelsea, Jose Mourinho supported the present coach of the club, Frank Lampard, in order to succeed Stamford Bridge.

In a bid to kick-start his Blues managerial career, he also recommended Lampard to “grow up with the level of experiences.”

This was indicated by the Portuguese ahead of Chelsea’s Saturday Premier League clash with Wolves.

“The player is one thing, the director[ Lampard] is another thing,” Mourinho was cited as stating by Metro UK.

“The player, I don’t believe any Chelsea fan will disagree with me if I say he’s one of Chelsea’s top five most significant players in history, and some will likely say no top five, perhaps top three.

“His managerial career is another thing, a year of Derby experience where he showed excellent characteristics and now he has Chelsea in his hands.

He’s playing for large stuff. He’s playing the Champions League, he’s been playing a European Super Cup, he’s already got large games in his hands, and he’s got to grow up with the amount of experiences I think he can because he’s got a lot of experience.

“The fact that football has always been in his life, I can’t distinguish. He was born a player’s son, he grew up a football manager’s [nephew], he became a player, he became a top player… I believe he has all the requirements for success,” he added.

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